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  1. Kristina Says:

    The black/white Jack Purcells are comfortable except the heel needs to be more protective. It gives me blisters on the ankle. I still love the look. The fabric is a little different from the older version. both are good. For the most part i love the shoes.

  2. Chicago Says:

    Old School Shoes – I used to be able to these shoes at almost any good sporting goods store,but those days are over with the advent of “super stores”. Was going to order directly from converse,but I beleive they were a little more expensive. I have always hesitated buying shoes online,but I really wanted Jack Purcell’s. They fit perfectly and are the real deal. Thanks

  3. Irvine Says:

    Great shoe! The extra padding on the sides and the tongue make it a lot more comfortable than the old version of Jack Purcell. I just didn’t like how the fit of this shoe is a half size bigger than marked. Nine West Zecca Shoes. It makes my foot look really long. But overall, I love this shoe because it’s so classic and goes with everything and anything! NineWest Zecca Wedge

  4. Plano Says:

    A Little Too Narrow – Great shoe! If you are basing your size off the size of your Chuck Taylors, you may want to go a size up. I have some what wide feet and usually wear a size 12. I got a new pair of Chucks and decided to try a pair of Purcell while I was at it (both size 12). With one on each foot I notice a definite difference in the width. The Purcells do seem to be a step up from the Chucks in terms of quality of material though. The shoe looks and feels great though (even if its a bit too narrow). I highly recommend it!

  5. Orange County Says:

    Overall I love the look of this shoe and it is more comfortable than the originals. One corner of one shoe does rub on my little toe, other than that I love them. Cute but not comfortable – If you’re going to wear these shoes for a short amount of time, they’re great. I recently wore them on a shopping trip to San Francisco and paid for it with blisters. These are not walking shoes, they are for looks only.

  6. Roy, Indiana Says:

    Great all around shoe – I love these….where I’m from no one has them so they look original. They are very comfortable and great to wear all day with no problems. My only complaints are: 1.) Being white they get dirty easy. 2) I got my correct size at first, but they were TWO sizes too big on me so I had to go down 2 sizes.

  7. Matt Says:

    I can not explain how rad Zappos is…they shipped the shoes so fast, literally in a few days…purcells are so hard to find, and Zappos had them…they fit perfectly, they’re unbelieveable comfortable, and they look good with all kinds of clothing…oh, and since I’m in a band, i’ve played several shows (we play metal/hardcore, so i can assure you these shoes are tough. I’ve never slipped or missed a beat in these shoes…they’re great all around shoes…I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Zappos, and I plan on getting another pair of Purcells really soon, from them. My kids love these shoes, and they are hard to find. They were worn by the high school kids were we lived before, and now my kids seem to be starting a trend with them here at their new school. I think that you should keep them in stock.

  8. Lauren Says:

    My daughter loves her Jack Purcell shoes as she is making them the new rage among her friends. She loves the fact that they were the old rage when I was about 9 years old in the 70′s. They do not rub slightly on her heel as they did mine. She has no complaints about the support they offer (which was a big complaint my athletic brothers had in the 70′s) but she doesn’t use them as court shoes like we did. Lauren’s words: “They are excellent. They feel awesome. They are very cute and go with everything.”

  9. Brad Says:

    Classic Practicality – So comfortable, so relaxing….so fun! The originator of the best….I’ll buy more in other colors, and you can’t beat it with the price. Once again, Zappos provided free expedited shipping (ordered Friday night, received Monday), and even $5 CREDIT because the shoebox was slightly scuffed!!!! (The shoes were fine!) How’s that for professionalism?!?!?!? No more shoes from the retail stores for me—only Zappos! Retro Tennis Shoes – Comfort, cool and “no sweat” as you find in the leather athletic shoes of today. These shoes really felt very comfortable and are light to wear as well. Love the Purcell – I have always tried to find the black Purcell Converse sneaker in stores and usually come up empty. I’m thrilled I could find it at Zappos. It’s a hip shoe that’s comfortable for walking, which is just what I wanted.

  10. Gina Says:

    They are comfortable, casual and go with just about anything. And Zappos made the whole ordering process just as great. The shoes came fast and were packaged nice and neatly. The overall quality of my experience will definitely bring me back for more.

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