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  1. Ash, Ohio Says:

    Very comforting, but runs really big. I was expecting this to be a nice fit, but for some reason, this shoe runs big. It flops off your heel if you get a half size bigger than your regular shoe size. Overall, this shoe is awesome! It goes with everything and it’s quite comfortable. Love them – These shoes will never go out of style. They work well with so many outfits. I’m a preschool teacher, and I love that they are washable. But they actually look super cute with a little green paint splashed on the side. It�s so me! Great trendy shoe. I get lots of compliments. The shoe felt wider than what I am used to but the shoe is made for men so that’s probably why. Regardless, I wear them all the time.

  2. Bentley Says:

    These shoes look great – they go well with jeans, shorts, and slacks. Everyone notices the lack of laces and asks about them. They could use more arch support, but I suppose that if you are buying a pair of All Stars, you would know at this point that is not one of their strong suits. They run large – I normally wear a 12 and ordered both the 10 1/2 and the 11 to try. I chose the 11, as I figured on wearing socks this winter.

  3. West Virginia Says:

    The fabric around where the laces should be started to shred pretty quickly, and one of the metal pieces for the shoelace hole was completely covered with thread.
    Still terrific – Cute shoes and so easy to slip on. I wear a women’s size 6 in all other shoes and a men’s size 3 which is says it’s a women’s 5 in these. I get compliments on them constantly. So, I bought a pair for my 4 year-old daughter. No laces to bother with and they are hard for a toddler to pull off – PERFECT! Good old and new combination – These have been quirky just like the Chucks I remember from the old days (have to order 1 size too small to accommodate the 2 sock legacy), but a cool style and easy slip on. I have slip-on Vans that are more comfortable, but I prefer the look of the Chucks.

  4. Sacramento Says:

    Cool looking comfort – This is a sneaker for all ages. No wonder you see them on so many young people, from kids to young adults, athletes and rock stars, and regular (but kinda cool) moms like me!! It was my own kids who said, mom, get some of these, they are totally comfortable. And they are. They are seriously cute yet comfortable power shopping Nine West Marbuck shoes. I don’t have an arch support problem, however, so know that they are flat and are not for everyone. They look great with jeans. I now have 2 pairs, thank you Zappos!!!! Marbuck Sandal.

  5. State Colleg Says:

    This is great way of ordering shoes with a guarantee of comfort and overall enjoyment. Nine West Mar Buck Womens Footwear Converse sneaks – My daughters were not sure what to expect. They were happy with the look. The top of the slips are slightly uncomfortable but not sure if it is related to being new sneakers because she has worn them many times and I have not heard any complaints. Have received many compliments from friends. Easy to use and gives helpful hints to find the best satisfaction for each customer.

  6. Adam Says:

    Loose but nice – These shoes are pretty nice. The look is slightly worn, and not exactly the same as a standard All Star, and it seemed a little looser than a regular pair. Overall I�m pleased though. Mere’s Review – I used to just have regular All Stars, and decided to mix it up by buying these ones – well they are really comfortable (more so than the originals) but they are already falling apart! The sewing were the first 3 holes are (closest to the toe) is completely gone and I’m going to have to go to a shoe smith which is disappointing, but otherwise… Awesome shoes. Converse All Star Slip On – This pair of shoes looks good and feels almost as good. So far I’ve only worn them a couple times, each time I wear them I get a blister on my heel. The fabric along the shoelace eyelets tends to fray off.

  7. Juliana Says:

    My daughter loves these shoes! After looking all over town for these shoes we decided to try Zappos.com and placed the order! After about a week she received the shoes and just loves them! The fit and feel of the shoe are very comfortable for her. The look of the shoe she just LOVES! Super cute shoe. Took me some time to find the right fit. I wear a 7.5 so I ended up buying a men’s 5 and so far so good. I need to put inserts in them and I think they will fit. Also, no laces makes these even better! A better mousetrap – These shoes rock! Slip a gel insole in and you’ll be good all day. In one day – I saw Brad Pitt wearing these in a photo, I saw Marcella wearing them on Big Brother, I saw them in an ad in Cosmo Girl magazine, a 20-something business woman on the bus asked me where the laces were, and a 40-something with dreadlocks told me they were cool. Even with all that, they’re still sublimely stylin’. Love ‘em.

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