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Marbuck Med Midillin Nacre
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  1. Farrah Says:

    WOW – This shoe is awesome! It’s one of the most comfortable pairs I own and they look great. Everyone loves them. It does get a little annoying when people don’t stop asking where my laces are, but they’re definitely worth the badgering. Very Hip!! The shoes are great but they feel 1/2 size bigger. Very easy to slip in. I’m getting it in other colors. Super fast delivery by Zappos! New for Spring – I bought a pair for me and my 8 year old daughter – we both love them. They do run a full size larger than most shoes. I wear a ladies 7-7.5 and took a ladies 6 in these. Same for my daughter. Converse Slip-On Review – The shoe is very comfortable and the ease of no shoelaces makes it very appealing. The abstract colors (mine are lime green) are also very appealing and not as ‘middle of the road’. I do, however, feel they’re rather pricey for the product. They’re made of rubber and canvas, and in previous generations, Converse shoes were the ‘affordable’ shoes.

  2. Rosie Says:

    Love my chucks – I only bought this shoe 2.5 sizes smaller and wish I had gone at least 3..they are STILL too big! I normally wear a womens 9 and I bought these in a mens 6.5. Plus the back of the shoes gave me blisters within an hour but I’ve just got to wear them in. Nine West Hillarey Boots. Womens I love the look, and I know they get more comfy as you wear them. Elastic is plenty tight for me as well! Buy these! NineWest Hillarey Shoes.

  3. Georgia Says:

    A wonderful shoe! I bought these shoes because I wanted some slip-ons that weren’t clogs or sandals. I’m so glad I bought these! They’re confortable and fashionable at the same time! The non-lace look makes them easy to get on and off, and you can wear them with basically everything. Just one bad thing; don’t wear these without socks. They rub if you do. The “Slips” are GREAT! I bought them for my 9 year old son who never ties his shoes anyway and he loved them so much he asked for another pair in Red. Cons are a family tradition round here… for good cause… they’re quality, comfortable and very cool. Pretty cool – I love these shoes. They are everything I love about the original and more. It’s so awesome to just slip em on and go. I wear a 6 1/2 for I got these in a 4 perfect fit… Just know your Converse size. I have the creamy white pair and I love them. I wear them with low footie socks and they make the shoe all the more comfy. I did have to order a complete size smaller than usual. I’m a size ten in women’s so I had to order a nine. Even then it’s still a little loose. Nine West Hillarey Womens boots. I love these because they look great, are super comfortable and easy to get on. They run at least a half size big though because I am always 8.5 and I ordered 8, they are still a bit looser than I would like so I wear them with athletic socks.

  4. Angela Says:

    Was about a size to half a size bigger than I would normally wear – I wear about a nine and needed about an 8 or an 8 1/2. The only other problem/complaint with the shoe is that there are elastic bands that help hold the shoe on, which are located on the inside of the shoe and are uncomfortable on my feet when not wearing socks. Still cool in Converse… The Slip On Converse is awesome! Comfortable, as expected, but fun too. The natural color is perfect and matches with everything. Converse All Star Slip is an Awesome Shoe – I bought the shoes for my son. He says they feel as good as they look. He’s 100% satisfied with the purchase. This is a great shoe, according to my son, and this is the second pair he’s bought. The first pair would’ve lasted lots longer except for the stitching above and below the “shoestring holes”. Fabric pulled out & shoemaker cannot re-stitch because there are only strings of fabric to stitch onto. These shoes make me happy – I love my converse all star slip shoes. Do get a size smaller than you normally wear and they will rock your world. I�m going to order them in various colors now that I know the fit is right. YOU KNOW YOU WANT SOME!!! These shoes are awesome. I usually wear a men�s size 4 and a women�s 6 in regular lace-up Chucks, but I already knew that 4 was a little too big for me, so I got men�s 3.5. That was too big also, so I returned them and got a size 3. I suggest that you may want to make sure that you get a size that fits snug on you, since they’re slip-ons.

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