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  1. Kristi Says:

    I definitely recommend going down a size or two. I normally wear a 6 1/2 or 7 & I got it for a 6 1/2 & I have been debating on going down further! Other than that love the shoes & I love how Zappos has always upgraded the shipping for overnight. Thanks! Cute but not so comfy – The shoes look fantastic, but they’re taking a while to break in. There are lots of rough places on the inside of the shoe that rub the tops of my feet. And the heels just slip right off when I walk. Probably because I have narrow feet, and this is really a men’s shoe. I’m sure I’ll get more accustomed to them as I break them in. Converse All Star Slip in Coral – Really more of a non-athletic shoe; “looks” instead of “performance”, if you will. Looks great, performance- not so much. The seams rub your bare feet (and socks kind of take away from the whole floppy effect).

  2. Hallie Says:

    An interesting twist on an old favorite – I would say that in terms of fit and comfort, these are identical to the standard Chucks with laces. The differences between the two are strictly visual, as this one doesn’t have the white lacing and black trim around the rubber toe cap like the original. Personally, I miss these details, but the shoes are still cute. The only downside is that the shoes tend to fray, and lots of little bits of thread start hanging off of them due to the ‘deconstructed’ look. I simply trim the excess of my pair with scissors from time to time. L-O-V-E – I have to say… Nine West Hethcove Flat Shoes. I fell in love with these shoes the moment I saw them. Hethcove Shoes They are very retro. Getting friends to sign them is also a great way to personalize these shoes. I love how there are no laces too. Easy on and off!

  3. Herkimer Says:

    Why I love my Converse slips – I saw these in a store in the mall, but they only carried women sizes, and I was very disappointed. So, I went online and as always Zappos had just what I wanted. I ordered them, and they came in less than a week later, and I�ve hardly taken them off since. They are extremely comfortable, and I have received numerous compliments from anyone who has seen me in them. I actually am planning on ordering another pair very soon. As always with Converse, you can expect the same comfort, style, and durability. I like these better than regular Chucks because they are stretchy and are able to take on a wider foot than most Converse shoes will allow. I definitely recommend these shoes, and I know that if you buy them you will love them.

  4. Diane Says:

    Love the Converse Slip – women size down a half size! These shoes are great! So cool looking and SUPER comfortable! Lots of compliments too. I definitely agree with the other reviewers who say size down a half size. I wear a Women’s size 10 and the Men’s 8, Women’s 10 was too large. The Men’s 7.5, Women’s 9.5 was great (and to be honest I probably could have sized down one more half size and still been fine). Highly recommend these, you will love them! Old Chucks style comes back with a new look – These are great – super cool and fun for summer. They are decently comfortable without socks except for the side of the tongue on my left shoe rubs a bit and is giving me a blister. I think it is just my pair though. Great colors – I want them all!

  5. Long Island Says:

    Slip is Cool – I love the look, but had to buy three pairs to get the fit right. It was a half size down than my regular shoe size and 1 1/2 sizes down from my sneaker size. But very cool. I wear a true size 9 and ordered the men�s size 7. They were really big and looked like skis on my feet. I am going to send them back and get a size 6.5 I hope they fit. The coral color is great and looks amazing on tan legs.

  6. Ken Chicago Says:

    Where did the laces go? I’ll never tell. I’ve been wearing Chuck Taylors since 1981, and low-tops exclusively since 1997 (I’ve got five pairs, including two pairs of black ones). The first time I saw Chuck Taylor laceless slip-ons in a men’s magazine, I knew I had to have a pair. But they were by John Varvatos, and $100 a pair was just a little too rich for my blood. So when Converse came out with this less expensive line, I saved up and ordered a size 11 from Zappos. These are basically a Chuck oxford without the stripe around the rubber and the toe. The big difference is that there is a 1″ wide elastic band at about instep level going from one side of the shoe inside to the other, passing through slits on either side of the tongue. The slits are hidden by the flaps that have the “lace” eyelets. Clever and it works. NineWest Womens Hethcove Footwear I normally wear an 11 in Chuck Taylors, and I’ve got a wide foot, so I didn’t have the too-large problem some women are having with these. They fit me almost perfectly right out of the box. They were a little snug with athletic socks (which is how I’ll be wearing them), but after a couple hours of wear, they stretched right out. Very little slippage at the heel. They’re my new favorite pair.

  7. Geraldo Says:

    Limo�s for the FEET – I�ve worn Converse since I started playing competitive basketball in the 6th grade, so we have a history. The “SLIP-ON’S” are easy access yet offer little cushion in the sole. I recommend using insert pads (Dr. Scholl�s). They do run about a 1/2 size large yet w/ the inserts that makes them just right. I like the shoe for casual comfort and will likely order another pair/in a different color. Love this sneaker! They are amazing! I have them in three colors black, red, and natural. I am a 6-6 1/2 and I wear a size 3 (in the lace ups) and 3 1/2 in the slips-ons. You just need to stretch them out a little bit and they are amazing. You can wear them with everything!

  8. Noshowmo Says:

    LOVE these! They’re the classic Converse, without having to mess with laces. I have them in black and the lime green, and love them. They’re also quite the conversation piece.

  9. Amy, MAryland Says:

    Cute and comfy! I saw these in a kids catalog and was so happy to find them in adult sizes. They are adorable and so comfy! I have big feet for a chick (size 11) and I don’t think they make my feet look as huge as they are. ;-) Not a ton of arch support in these, but comfy nonetheless. Remind me of my old Keds from years ago, but more fun. They do feel like they run a little big (1/2 size), but with socks on they’re perfect. :) Love them!

  10. Denver, Colorado Says:

    Too Cute – This is one cute shoe. Hard to fit, though. I had to come down one whole size for the right fit. And, because I’ll be wearing it barefoot, I added a comfort insert. Been getting LOTS of compliments! The Elastic Strip I love these shoes, but the edge of the elastic on the inside cuts my foot. The elastic was finished with a very rough edge which makes wearing them without socks (or a band-aid) really painful! Even so, I wear them anyway!

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