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  1. Rommel Says:

    Old school kicks – This shoe is worth the buy,ive worn a pair back in college, and just got another one a month ago, I was in luck coz this type of shoe is really rare here in our place, it goes well with any type of clothing, very cool! New and Improved Converse – Before buying my current pair of Jack Purcells-it had been a few years since buying a pair. I was pleased to see that they are a more comfortable then they use to be. Also the shoelaces are a better quality. I was impressed. My favorite shoe made better! No if only the price could go down.
    I love the look of this tennis shoe, which has more support and padding than the Converse basketball shoe. It’s fun and cute enough to be worn with casual skirts or dresses. I have it in white. I am a 7 women’s shoe, and I bought a 7 in this shoe.

  2. Frank Says:

    Better than ever – I wore these Jack Purcell shoes back in the early sixties and loved them then, but now I have discovered they have been greatly improved making them even better. The shoes now have a high quality insole and are lined with a smooth fine material making them more comfortable. They are great. Good work Zappos Awesome! These shoes are great! Stylish yet subtle retro look that goes with jeans, khakis, cords, and shorts. Nine West Allirae Shoes, Quite comfortable with good cushioning and arch support good for walking or going out (but I would not recommend for strenuous sports). And Zappos had them to me in less that 24 hrs with free shipping. You can’t beat it!

  3. Huntington Beach Says:

    quiz – I guess when the JP name/brand was bought out, they thought it would be a good idea to “inprove” these shoes. New padding, logo on the tongue, new logo on the back and new shoe laces. Wow, did they ever screw this one up. I’ve been wearing JP’s for the last 12 years and I liked them fine the way they were. There’s just something about the new purcells that don’t remind me of the 40+ pairs I’ve owned before. I’ll be looking for old dead stock ones, and hopefully I’ll be able to load up on those. Allirae Shoes Perhaps I’ll make it a couple of years without needing to switch to these horrible “new” ones.

  4. Missouri Says:

    “Jacks” addict pleased again! Again, another great pair of Jacks. I’ve never worn the “CP”‘s before with the new details though. They have a larger fit and didn’t fit as snug as my others in the same size but they are still comfy and look great. I would suggest buying a half size smaller than you normally wear. The white color is brighter than the original Jacks which are a little “off” white. Comfort and style all in 1 package! This shoe has been improved since the last time I bought a pair. There is more cushion to it and the interior has a soft, squishy, velvety texture which only adds to the overall comfort. My new Converse Jack Purcell review – I ordered these not sure if they’d look goofy , but they are so cool! I gte so many compliments on them. They are true to size and are extremely comfortable. I walked all over Manhattan in them and they were great! Very funky and cool.

  5. Mikeyhu Says:

    Great everyday shoe – This shoe is a perfect casual shoe for a reasonable price. The look is simplistic, yet different from the chuck taylors. It’s also a lot more comfertable than the chucks, with it’s thickers padding on the soles and the thongue. If you’re looking for a nice casual look that can be dressed up or down, look no further. As great as I remember – It’s been many years….my first pair of Jack Purcell’s was in my freshman year of college (1960) I wore them everyday and most nights during my four years of college. I wore them whenever I could in Vietnam. Later after Vietnam I looked to replace my JP’s but was unable to find a store that carried them. Forty years later I was surfing the web & came across my old friends. Was I surprised! Ordered a pair and found them to be just as I remember. It was like coming home.. Can’t really say anything bad about them. Size was perfect. I wear size 10 Chuck Taylors and these look a tiny bit bigger. Snug and soft fit. and it leaves a cool footprint.

  6. Jacks Says:

    I Now Have Two Pairs – These shoes are THE BEST. Casual, hip and goes with everything. I purchased a pair in blue… and couldn’t get enough, so I had to get a pair in classic black/white. I could not find the black/white pair anywhere online or in the malls! Very frustrating! Zappos emailed me as soon as possible when they received a new shipment. I ordered them the next day! Make sure you purchase a pair ½ size smaller than normal. I usually wear a size 9.5 mens, but size 9 fit me snug. It’s weird, cause in the Chuck Taylors/All-Stars, I fit a size 8 mens. Go figure. Everyone and their mother wears the Chuck Taylors/All-Stars… (which I have too)… but I prefer the Jack Purcells better. These shoes have a cleaner look to them, and is more comfortable on the feet. The material is also better quality than the NineWest Allirae Shoes. Overall, great looking shoe. I cannot be happier. Great job Zappos.

  7. Lori Says:

    I originally ordered these for my daughter for Christmas, had to return them because they run large, then received a pair that was marked different on the website than the shoe box. I finally ended up with the right size for my daughter and kept a pair for myself. They are cute, very comfy and well made. Zappos was extrememly helpful in getting me the proper size, never charging for shipping, return shipping or difference in cost at times of reorder. My shopping experience with Zappos was so great, almost easier then going out to a store.

  8. Doggie Says:

    WOW! I had been searching and searching for these. I wore them as a kid back in the 60′s and enjoyed them. I wanted to relive my youth growing up in Huntington Beach, CA. and now I am. These take me back to a time of surfing and hanging out with my buddies at the beach. Basic shoe and really comfortable and half the price of tennie’s I have been buying. I highly recommend these to anyone who wore them as a kid, they will like them as an adult…Order them and have fun again like when you were a kid! Awesome – I absolutly love my new kicks. I have them in several colors and have recommended them to many of my friends. My hairdreser commented on how great they were and bought herself a pair, and she is thrilled with their comfort and style and recommends them to many of her clients. Thanks for making my feet comfy and stylish. I am a big fan. and will keep ordering. Thanks We have had an excellent experience buying our Converse Jack Purcell CP sneakers through Zappos.com! We were amazed at how timely all of our orders came to us, especially when it was the Christmas holiday! We are very pleased with the quality, prices and professionalism Quality – The quality of products has a lot of improvements. I am very satisfied with the quality. I wish I can have green/black color. Let me know if you have this color. Last time I saw this color on your web site but suddenly I can’t find it anymore. Thank you.
    Perfect! I owned the older version of the Jack Purcells that I purchased about 2 years ago. They looked great and matched with almost anything, but were not that comfortable. However, this newer version added more cushion to the shoe and they feel great and still have that classic jack purcell look! The only bad thing about these is that the white ones tend to get dirty very easily [and is very hard to clean] so I can’t wear them in the rain.

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